The coming days, while the catastrophe caused by the desctuction of the Kakhovka Dam is unfolding, I will keep you up to date with videos and photos from our volunteers in the field.

We are in continuous contact with local volunteers and community leaders in the Bilozerka settlement hromada in the Kherson Oblast (province). Bilozerka is one of the most affected areas. Our colleagues in the field feed us with daily information on the immediate needs of the people in the villages of the hromada (hromada is an amalgamated territorial community).

In the video below you see Anastasia Brailova. She is the 13-year-old daughter of one of these local volunteers, but Anastasia is a volunteer in her own right as well. The adult volunteers who know Anastasia, tell me that it is often this bright young lady who calms the nerves of the adults around her instead of the other way around, and that she continues to help her community with unwavering resolve.

We can help these people in need with our focused attention, care, and material support. But we will need you on our side for the coming months to help us help Ukrainians in need.