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Lifeline Ukraine Energy Solutions initiative started with the delivery of generators after the massive attacks on Ukrainian electricity infrastructure causing blackouts all around the country. At the moment Lifeline Ukraine delivered more than 70 generators of different types and sizes to Ukraine.

As the weather got colder many households faced the problem with heating and cooking due to the frequent blackouts and other infrastructural damages. Lifeline Ukraine launched a fundraising campaign to share the warmth with Ukrainians by the means of wood stoves. Altogether more than 1000 wood stoves were ordered and produced by three different manufactures in Ukraine to also support the local economy. With the help of these stoves, Ukrainians could easily heat up their households and cook food even during blackouts.

With one of the producers, we moved even further and upgraded the wood stove to become a wood boiler. Such boilers could be easily used as source of hot water for heating the premises or/and a supply of hot water for washing and shower.