Early reconstruction

Rapid needs assessments and rapid implementation solutions such as: renovations, rebuilds, and mobile medical solutions.


We are doing 6 rapid needs assessments of water supply and sanitation organizations (Vodokanals) completed and a rapid needs assessment tool under development in cooperation with Ukrainian Association Profi.

We operate a mobile dental clinic in the Kherson Oblast in cooperation with the Ukrainian NGO Revival of Ukraine and with Dental Health International Netherlands.

We are in the process of building 7 shelters that will also serve as Points of Unbreakability in the City of Kherson in cooperation with Ukrainian NGO Revival of Ukraine.

We are renovating the kitchen block of the Regional Children’s hospital in Chernihiv in cooperation with the Latvian Embassy in Kyiv.

At this moment we repair the roof of a hospital in Vilnyanks, in cooperation with Dutch Foundation Open Door Ukraine.

We are supporting the IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) hostel in Zaporizhya (80 people) in cooperation with Ukrainian NGO Patriot with furniture, drinking water containers, computers, mattresses, whitegoods, and covering of operational expenses for meals, electricity, heat, internet.

We are supporting the IDP hostel in Koblevo (320 people) in cooperation the Ukrainian NGO Donater with food, and covering of operational expenses for meals, medicine, electricity, heat, internet, childrens’entertainment, etc.

We do rapid rebuilds of damaged buildings in Kherson in cooperation Ukrainian NGO Lighthouse of Revival.