An impression of the #IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) hostel that LifeLine supports by covering the cost for food, electricity, heat, and some small things like medicine, entertainment for the kids, tv and audio equipment, and so on.

Located in Koblevo between #odessa and #mykolaiv the hostel mainly houses close to 300 people (one third are children) from the occupied territories of #Kherson who lost all they have.

It is amazing to see the #resilience with which these people keep their spirits up and build a new mini #community in their hostel.

A big thank you to our generous #donors!

We need to continue the #humanitarian struggle for the well being of these people who suffer from this unjust war in ways that are hard for us to imagine.

We rely on your support to continue our work!

#help #ukraine #help #refugees #helpothers
With Wouter Hollander and Krasko Olga
Thank you Kate Haltseva