“The collaboration with Koblevo Hostel began in June 2023 when the Kakhovka dam was blown up, causing floods in villages and cities along the Dnipro River. Dr. Mikhail Trofanyuk, manager of Koblevo Hostel, and LifeLine Ukraine joined forces to make a difference in the lives of 300 mothers with children and vulnerable elderly individuals.

Immediately after the dam’s destruction on June 6, Mikhail realized the urgent need for clean drinking water, food, hygiene products, medical care, and a safe place to stay. An existing hostel was promptly adapted to accommodate refugees.

LifeLine Ukraine not only donated €10,000 directly to Koblevo Hostel but also personally engaged in this project. We regularly visit the hostel and maintain almost daily phone contact with Mikhail.

With his medical background and management experience in health centers in Mykolaiv, he works wonders with minimal resources. Mikhail aims not only to meet their basic needs but also to help them regain independence and move forward with their lives.

The people in Koblevo can rely on Mikhail’s determination and the ongoing support of LifeLine Ukraine, especially with winter approaching.