We discussed the Critical Infrastructure Rapid Needs Assessment (CIRNAT) project at the Ministry for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine and with the Agency for Restoration and Infrastructure development of Ukraine.

The head of the agency, Mustafa Nayyem confirmed the project is in line with their strategy and platform www.dream.gov.ua, and declared the intention for further collaboration, which gives us the full confidence to succesfully complete the project and scale it up further.

Thanks to the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine (Jennes de Mol Esselien van Eerten), Levi9 Technology Services, Krasko Olga and VEI for your support and collaboration on CIRNAT. We are looking forward to work together.


Once CIRNAT is online it will rapidly identify the most urgent issues at critical infrastructure projects in Ukraine and connect Ukrainian municipal enterprises with European and US funding and support (e.g. The World Bank , United Nations, UNICEF).

Hans Vrieling Henk Nieboer Jeroen Ketting Toine Ramaker Janett Tapia, AICP Menno de Jong @mikhailo hryhorash LifeLine Ukraine.org

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