Water and sanitation companies in Eastern Ukraine face numerous challenges including direct missile and rocket attacks, equipment damage, electricity blackouts, lack of personnel due to mobilization, and a shortage of spare parts that once came from Russia. These issues are compounded by budget constraints and outdated, poorly maintained Soviet infrastructure.

During the Lifeline Unbreakability Forum in March, a delegation of two Ukrainian water companies visited waste and drinking water facilities in the Netherlands, such as Waterschapbedrijf Limburg (WBL). They learned about the innovative Verdygo technology, which can rapidly restore damaged water infrastructure.

The delegation included Ivan Kukhta, Head of the Snihurivka City Military Administration in Mykolaiv Oblast, and Ruslan Sirenko, Deputy Director of the Municipal Water Company of Sumy City Council. They shared their experiences and discussed potential support from the Dutch water sector, such as high-tech water purification solutions.

LifeLine Ukraine.org is dedicated to building cross-border bridges, focusing on municipal infrastructure. By sharing knowledge, facilitating collaboration, and managing projects, we aim to provide help where it is most needed. Our strong partnerships with local organizations in Ukraine and the Netherlands, including Henk Nieboer, Hans Vrieling, and Conjaerts M.H.J., are key to these efforts.

Recently, our team, including Jeroen Ketting, Kate Haltseva, and myself, traveled through Eastern Ukraine to manage ongoing projects, identify new needs, and support our local partners.

Despite significant challenges, the collaboration between Ukrainian and Dutch water sectors offers hope and innovative solutions for restoring critical water and sanitation infrastructure in Eastern Ukraine.