LifeLine Ukraine Foundation

The LifeLine Ukraine Foundation

Helps citizens, veterans, NGOs, small businesses, and communal infrastructure organizations in Eastern-Ukraine, in their efforts to survive and thrive throughout and after the war.

Our focus areas: Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, Zaporizhya, Kherson, Mykolaiv. We have our office in Kyiv.

What we do

Humanitarian Aid

Women in Trade

Early Reconstruction

Veteran Tech

How we work

We deliver aid through our own fully controlled supply chain

We focus on those areas where large scale of aid does not come

We work demand driven

We spend substantial time in the field in Ukraine

We work on a pro-bono basis in The Netherlands

Where we work

Since the start of the war, we established 25 partnerships with local organizations which gave us the ability to also serve the hard-to-reach-areas. Due to these partnerships,  we were able to deliver aid through our own fully controlled supply chain, including that very important last mile delivery.  This interactive map will show you the 10 regions of Ukraine where we work,  what we delivered and to whom. 







Locally produced



In operation


Woman-owned SMEs


Ukrainian NGOs





Our team in Kyiv

Our team in Kyiv

In May 2022, Alexander began as "our man in Kyiv." He worked from home, which wasn't always easy. Now, Yulia has also joined Lifeline Ukraine,...

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Points of Unbreakability

Points of Unbreakability

In times of ongoing threat and attacks on vulnerable infrastructure, it is crucial to have shelters where safety is guaranteed. President Zelenski’s wish is for over 4000 locations in Ukraine to have these essential aid

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Koblevo Hostel

Koblevo Hostel

"The collaboration with Koblevo Hostel began in June 2023 when the Kakhovka dam was blown up, causing floods in villages and cities along the Dnipro...

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