OpenDoorUkraine.NL, together with its partners, has completed the reconstruction of the roof and facade of an apartment complex in Irpin. We at LifeLine are honored to have contributed by supplying urgently needed, high-quality insulation material donated by Zinkunie B.V. and Dewin Isolatie.

Located just a 30-minute drive from Kyiv, Irpin is a city marked by resilience. It was here that the Russian advance was halted, but at a high cost—about 70% of the city was heavily damaged.

Reconstructing this apartment complex, home to 38 households, 110 people, including 18 children, is a significant achievement, though it represents just a small part of the overall need. However, it is an urgently needed step forward.

During my visit, the remnants of conflict, such as burned-out cars damaged by shrapnel, were stark reminders of the battles fought here two years ago.

This project was supported by the Energy Efficiency Fund of Ukraine, the Leroy Merlin Solidarity Fund, OpenDoorUkraine.NL, LifeLine, and the Irpin City Council. Together, we are making a difference, one step at a time.

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