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Women in Trade aims to support small family businesses, often run by women, to get through this very difficult time of war. We do this tailor-made, because every business has its own challenges. Support can include:
  • Management support
  • Market broadening, especially outside Ukraine at the moment
  • Match-making
  • Microfinance
  • Gaining export experience
  • Sourcing of assets not available in Ukraine
Where desired, we look with the company in question to see how we can help it survive and become and remain self-sufficient (again).  This is enormously important for the entrepreneur but also for the employee.  After all, everyone wants to be able to take care of themselves!  In cooperation with WomenIn, we also have developed a website to link women-led Ukrainian businesses with Dutch companies. Conversely, foreign companies can profile themselves on this site that could be of interest to Ukrainian companies.