28 trucks have arrived, 2 are on their way and thanks to our corporate partners we have at least 14 more trucks committed this year and 2 trucks committed for January 2023. 46 Trucks and counting!

For the distribution of these humanitarian goods inside Ukraine we have built up a unique and well-functioning network. We cooperate successfully with the WFP’s Logistics Cluster and with the international humanitarian logistics services provider Atlas Logistique/HI. For the last-mile distribution into the hands of those in need we have built up a network of 21 local Ukrainian partners in 17 locations, mostly in Eastern Ukraine. 

Next to the delivery of humanitarian aid we also support 2 Ukrainian hospitals with medical and other supplies. An oncology hospital in Mykolaiv and a children’s hospital Chernihiv. And we are supporting 6 Ukrainian NGOs.

In August we started a program to support Ukrainian women-owned SMEs to overcome the disruptions caused by the war. Today we have a portfolio of 11 women-owned companies that we are helping with business mentorship, EU market access, equipment supplies and micro-loans. As a first result, 7 of the 11 companies will see their products on the Dutch market still this year (we will share this in our next newsletter next week!), and 5 of the 11 companies received equipment grants and micro-loans. All 11 companies got access to Dutch know-how, business networks, and partners. With Bijenbaas.nl, we actually had our first Dutch company visiting the Mykolaiv and Kirovohrad Provinces with the aim to establish a purchasing cooperative for organic long-life farm produce.