What we do


•Providing demand-driven material humanitarian aid to those Ukrainians who do not receive large scale support in those Ukrainian areas that border with Belarus, Russia, or the frontline.

•Helping vulnerable small-sized women- and family-owned businesses to overcome the challenges caused by the war.

•Supporting the veteran community, including families of veterans, in their transition to a meaningful, dignified, civilian participation in the Ukrainian labor market.

•Contributing to early reconstruction efforts.

•Providing a practical platform in Ukraine (including: office space, people, know how, network access, and practical solutions) for Dutch organizations in need of project support in UA.


•We work demand-driven. This means that we first determine in Ukraine what the need is, where it is, and how we can get there with our help.

•We focus on those areas where large-scale aid does not come (largely the rural areas of the Oblasts of Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, Zaporizhya, Kherson, Mykolaiv).

•We deliver the aid through our own fully controlled supply chain. We arrange the transport ourselves and control the distribution from the origin to the final recipient of the aid.

•We secure compliance by documenting the distribution process with photos, videos, and receipts.

•We personally know and vetted all our Ukrainian partners.

•We spend substantial time in the field in Ukraine to ensure compliance with the above principles. 

•We work on a pro-bono basis in The Netherlands. Every euro donated ends up in Ukraine in the form of aid. LLU has no overhead cost in The Netherlands, such as: office costs, salary costs, administration costs and the like.