A year ago, the central hospital of Vilnyansk (in Zaporizhzhia) was bombed. Extensive parts, including the maternity ward, lay in ruins and were beyond recovery. However, another section of the hospital was salvageable. After a major fundraising effort, the renewal of the roof began last September. Construction materials were purchased, the old roof was demolished and a skilled team of builders erected an entirely new roof truss structure. To protect the building from unpredictable weather, careful layers of foil were laid over the new trusses.

With winter approaching, the construction teams are tirelessly working, and the new roof is expected to be completed in the coming days.

LLU and Vilnyansk eagerly await the day when this part of the hospital can reopen its doors. The effort and dedication shown in rebuilding this vital infrastructure are commendable and will undoubtedly make a significant difference in the community. This project marks our first co-funded and joint-implemented collaboration with Open Door Ukraine. On various instances, LifeLine Ukraine already acted as a donor of construction materials to Open Door Ukraine this year; with the latest shipment of construction materials having been effected to one of their projects last week.