I thought that maybe you could be interested to see how we keep track of all our delivered aid from a compliance point of view. We have all compliance content saved per truck on a google drive folder (see the picture). In this Google drive folder we save all transport and customs documents, all letters with expressions of demand by beneficiaries, all letters confirming receipt of goods, all thank you letters, and all photo and video materials. We also have a matrix overview of what content is still missing on a “per truck basis”. Getting all materials from the different stakeholders and partners and beneficiaries involved is a time-consuming process. People sometimes promise a lot when we offer them aid, but when the aid is delivered we often have to chase them to get the needed compliance materials. Also when we deliver to the grey zones where distribution occurs “under fire”, people often forget about making videos, and photos, and often they have no internet or phone connection. People in the grey zones and pre-front zones are afraid to take pictures because of the geo-locations attached to pictures taken with smartphones. Nevertheless, largely we are doing well on getting all our compliance content. We also drafted “Terms & Conditions” that beneficiaries have to sign before they receive any aid. On top of that we are drafting templates for the various letters (expressing demands/needs, acceptance, receipt, thanks, etc) and for the form of the photo and video content (we provide best-practice examples). Finally, we are creating a template in which beneficiaries can easily fill in information and tick the boxes ✅ to see whether they comply or not. Making sure that we are compliant is a big part of our work. This work goes on behind the scenes but, it is good that you know that we do this work and how we do this work. If you have any questions or suggestions, then I am more than happy to discuss them with you. LLU donors and partners are also welcome to leaf through the google drive files to get an idea on what it looks like concretely.