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LifeLine Humanitarian Aid
is how we originally started. Providing day-to-day help through the supply of medicine, food and hygiene products, but also the supply of non-consumable goods such as mattresses, water containers, medical equipment or heating equipment.

How do we work

LifeLine Ukraine is mainly driven by the actual demand in Ukraine, and especially in areas where large NGOs don’t go. We collaborate with our Ukrainian colleagues to determine what type of (high quality) goods are needed where and when. Based on the information we search for donors in The Netherlands, if needed combine different donations until we have a full truck, arrange the driver and the truck and get the transport going. Also the transportation costs are covered for by Bioport  as a form of donating.

Often our Ukrainian team determines the destination. But sometimes, our donor already knows the destination, and we take care of the fast transportation.

Do you have goods available you’d like to donate? 
If you have or are willing to collect multiple pallets of high quality usable goods for the people who need it most in Ukraine, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are happy to tell you more about how we can collaborate.

For donors in The Netherlands please contact Wouter Hollander.