… for the Hatynka Bakery in #Bucha. This bakery has been baking bread for free for the lokal population in need. Now, with our help, they are making the switch to a commercially sustainable businesses. Aiming to make profits enabling them to continue to support the needy with free bread.With LifeLine Ukraine.org we help Ukrainian women-owned and women-operated businesses to overcome the disruprions caused by the #war.

We help with 1. micro-loans, 2. equipment supplies, 3. EU market access, and 4. business mentorships.

We are working with 6 companies already and have 6 new projects in the pipeline. I am in Ukraine these weeks to visit our new projects.

Our projects are in Agri / Food / Cosmetics / Textiles / Home decoration / Creative industries

Our group of Western angel entrepreneurs is growing. They support the Ukrainian companies with opening their networks, sharing their experience, selection procurement of equipment, business development, and so on.

But the most important value for the Ukrainian companies is that they know that they are not alone!

Join us! Let us know what you can do, and we will match you with an Ukrainian SME that needs your attention and support.

Supporting Ukrianian women-owned SMEs supports women, families, communities, the middle class, civil society, and battles corruption. It also builds business bridges between the EU and Ukraine. And most importantly it provides Ukrainians with a dignified future.