From the very start we decided settled on a few basic principles for LifeLine Ukraine.

  1. Helping those people who do not receive large-scale international aid
  2. Working Demand-Driven
  3. Having our own fully controlled End2End Supply Chain
  4. Making last-mile deliveries to the areas that are hard to reach for small individual aid initiatives, and for large international aid organizations
  5. Having zero Fixed Overhead
  6. Working as a purely volunteer based organization operating until 31-12-2022.

Having principles is easy. Putting them into practice is an entirely different matter. To make sure that we have a fully controlled End2End Supply Chain, our first trucks were physically accompanied by the members of the founding group of LifeLine Ukraine volunteers. Nowadays, 18 trucks further, we have trusted transport companies, get regular GPS location updates, and have our own people at the different loading, cross-docking, and unloading sites. But in this video you can see how we did it “old skool”, with Stein and Max Wortelboer driving behind our first truck on the 9th of March 2022.