LifeLine Ukraine provides aid to Ukraine on 4 levels: 

  1. Day-to-day help through supply of medicine, food, and hygienic care, and disposable tableware
  2. Medium-term help through supply of non-consumable goods such as mattresses, water containers, and medical equipment  
  3. Small-scale solutions to repair damaged infrastructure such as generators, water filters, solar solutions
  4. Business solutions aimed at reviving Ukrainian SMEs through EU market access, micro-financing, value-adding technology transfer (September – December 2022)

This project with Khatinka Bakery (Bakery Hut) combines all these 4 levels of aid. The projects aims to repair their oven which was damaged during the occupation, and increase their production capacity by donating 10 tons of wheat flour (from Land & Forst Austria), a spiral dough kneader (machine) and helping them build a small structure that will house their flour mill. Since the beginning of the war, Khatinka Bakery has been baking bread and distributing it for free to refugees and to displaced persons. This will allow the volunteer bakers of Khatinka Bakery to increase the amount of bread they can distribute among the needy. Those Ukrainians who have the means can also get bread from the bakery, but they are asked to leave a donation.

By doing so, LifeLine Ukraine moves from the day-to-day aid into the levels 2, 3, and 4 helping Ukrainians help themselves and others by providing resources, equipment, and microfinancing.

By the way; I tried the bread myself when I was in Bucha and almost ate my own fingers together with the bread. This is how tasty their bread is! So, I advise all foreigners and foreign aid workers in Kiev to buy their daily bread at the Khatinka Bakery, and by doing so, help them help their compatriots in need.

For any contacts or donations; feel free to contact me at