In May 2022, Alexander began as “our man in Kyiv.” He worked from home, which wasn’t always easy. Now, Yulia has also joined Lifeline Ukraine, working from Kyiv, which is leading to the formation of a local team. And this calls for an office space.

The office space is located in the Veteran Center in Kyiv, one of our partners, allowing us to have this space without rental costs. Currently undergoing a small renovation, it’s being transformed into a comfortable and welcoming place for our valued Ukrainian employees, Yulia and Alexander. This space won’t just serve as their workspace but will also be available as a meeting room for the Lifeline Ukraine Foundation or partners in the future.

Our local team consists of: Alexander Ryabokon, General Manager Ukraine, residing in Kyiv with his wife and two young children. His expertise includes brand management, logistics, B2B sales, export, and account management. Since early May 2022, he has been part of our team, contributing to daily operations in Ukraine.

Yulia Dobrogorska, Project Manager Ukraine. Yulia also resides in Kiev with her husband and two daughters. With over 20 years of experience in the aviation industry, holding various positions at Ukraine International Airlines (UIA), Yulia joined the LifeLine Ukraine team in September 2023. Yulia dedicates her expertise and energy to furthering the growth and development of our office.

Within our team, transport coordination is a crucial component. Acquiring the necessary documents is essential. In the warehouse, every box is counted, and every pallet is checked. Efficient loading and unloading of goods are their expertise. They ensure that the goods reach those in need as quickly as possible.

The team is also overseeing the implementation of a new CRM system provided for free by Sales Force. This ensures even better communication and execution.

Project management revolves around proper coordination, task delegation, implementation, and final checks. A crucial aspect involves creating a uniform documentation package.

Furthermore, communication with LifeLine Ukraine and partners is essential for project execution. Reports for donors are prepared based on interim results and after project completion. Additionally, they ensure a prompt response to inquiries and feedback.

Our team in Kyiv, driven by a shared mission, tirelessly works to make a difference between life and death. They are bearers of hope and bright spots for many people in these dark times.