10 pallets with pasta (a joint purchase with People4People), 6 pallets with Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate (thanks to People4People), 5 pallets of condensed milk (a much-used product in Eastern Europe), and 11 pallets with mattresses donated by BeterBed. Important change during the last few trucks is that we started fit-to-demand deliveries on a “per-pallet” and “per box” basis. This means more work but a better matching of demand and a better reach into the areas of the highest need in Ukraine. Destinations: Volunteer organization in Irpin (recovering from the recent battles), Patriot refugee NGO in Zaporizhya, Red Cross Zaporizhya, Town of Orikhiv, East of Zaporizhya, Refugee centres in Shehiny and Husakiv, and the WEAREUA Volunteer organization in Shevchenkove (Mikolaiv).