Aid that was delivered directly into the hands of refugees, victims, elderly, handicapped and immobile people, to hospitals and Ukrainian NGOs and small women-owned businesses.

Aid that was delivered on a completely voluntary basis with zero fixed overhead cost. 

In the last 6 months I have spent most of my time in Ukraine creating and managing a network of 19 local partners in 12 Ukrainian cities and villages that help us in the field with identifying needs and with making last-mile deliveries.

Also today, I am in the field in Ukraine to make sure that the right people receive the right help at the right place and time. 

Today is also the day that we must face the reality that the war, although it will not last forever, is not over yet. We have done a lot already, but we have no other choice than to continue helping Ukrainians suffering from the war in whatever way we can.  

That is why LifeLine Ukraine needs more friends, more volunteers, more companies, and more donors to make sure that during the next 6 months we continue having the impact that we already had during these last 6 months.  

In other words, we need you!  

– Join us by sharing LifeLine Ukraine among your friends and (social) networks.

– Contact us to find out how, together, we make a noticeable difference in Ukraine.

– And visit our website to learn what we have been doing and to make a donation. 

Thank you!