What a ride it is! Update of the first 3 months of LifeLine Ukraine.


13 weeks – 17 Euroliner trucks – over 500 pallets delivered with a.o. medicine, food, hygienic products, water containers, and mattresses (this is 5.6 pallets per day!) – 2 million EUR of aid delivered to those in need (Mikolayev – Sumy – Chernigiv – Dnipro – Zaporizhya – Vilnyansk – Orikhiv – Shehyni). All of this done by just 275 donors and 18 supporting companies and charities. (NB: Our 2 million EUR of aid delivered, is 1.3% of what Giro 555 raised during its national action – only we got the aid actually delivered to those in need and with zero fixed overhead!). And all of this done by a small group of volunteers.

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