This is a question most people ask. One of the things that makes LLU unique is its presence in the field, there where the need in Ukraine is highest. We have this presence in the field thanks to several factors. The fact that we worked demand driven from the first day of our operations. Because of the time we ourselves spend in the field. And most of all thanks to our Ukrainian network of professional and loyal partners. Among our most esteemed local partners is the NGO ‘Patriot’ based in Zaporizhya. Inna Lukyanova and Svitlana Vasilyuk are the beating heart of Patriot and with their staff they provide the first care for refugees who just managed to flee the occupied territories, and who have spent months under awful circumstances that are hard for most of us to imagine. Refugees have to leave everything behind on their way to safety. When they finally arrive to safety, then Patriot is waiting for them to provide them with the first elementary care, such as: food, hygiene products, toys and sweets for the kids, clothes, shelter, but also a shoulder to cry on and an understanding ear to talk to. I, like most of us, have never been in a situation that I had to leave everything behind and that I arrive somewhere with nothing but the clothes on my back. But, if ever I would be in such a situation, then I wish that I would find people like Inna, Svitlana, and their colleagues on my way. And this is exactly why it is a privilege for LifeLine Ukraine to help them.